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Mission Possible: The Whitehall Mansions Move with Waters’ White Vans

Waters White Vans Malta

Waters White Vans Malta

Moving was never so easy!

Recently, the Waters’ White Vans team faced one of their most challenging yet rewarding missions: moving a significant donation of high-quality furniture and monitors for the Heritage Parks Federation. This operation took place at Whitehall Mansions, a site known for its stringent security due to its occupants including the British High Commission.

Our leader, Dave, conducted a thorough site survey to plan the logistics meticulously. Given the restrictions at Whitehall Mansions, our team couldn’t use the front entrance or an external lifter. Instead, we executed a detailed packing and dismantling service from an unconventional starting point—the back road.

Navigating around the building’s security protocols, our crew undertook a lengthy detour, exiting through an emergency gate leading to stairs up to the upper road. This unconventional route added layers of complexity to our task but proved no match for our team’s dedication and skill.

This move was more than just transporting items; it was about overcoming obstacles with precision and care, ensuring that the Heritage Parks Federation received their new resources without a hitch. At Waters’ White Vans, we believe there’s no job too challenging when we work together.
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