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Smooth Moves: How We Turned Panic into Peace of Mind for a client

Waters White Vans Malta

Waters White Vans Malta

Moving was never so easy!

It all started with a frantic call. The client was in a spin, facing the daunting task of moving from a townhouse in Sliema to a fabulous fifth-floor apartment on the bustling Sliema seafront. The sheer volume of their belongings had puzzled them about how to proceed.

Enter Joanna, our office coordinator from our team, a calming force and an expert with logistics. She took the reins, securing permits, booking two vans and a lifter, all the while reassuring the client that we had everything under control. Our team of four arrived, ready to dismantle furniture, wrap breakables, and ensure everything was moved safely and efficiently.

Just under six hours later, The client was happily settled in their new seafront sanctuary, all thanks to the seamless coordination and extra care provided by Joanna, our office coordinator, who went above and beyond. At Waters’ White Vans, we’re not just moving boxes; we’re moving lives, with a touch of calm and a whole lot of care.
Feeling overwhelmed by your move? Let us ease your mind. Visit Waters’ White Vans to find out how we can make your moving day as smooth as this one!