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An Epic Office Move with Waters' White Vans


Office relocation can be a daunting task for any business, especially when dealing with large, heavy, and fragile items like safes, monitors, and furniture. But what if you had to deal with not one, not two, but three tricky locations and limited access to the building? This was the challenge that Waters’ White Vans faced when they were tasked with relocating ElectroGas Malta Ltd to their new office on the 18th floor of the Quad in Mrieħel.

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The first day of the move was all about preparation. The team at Waters’ White Vans started by packing and protecting the monitors using bubble wrap and reusable plastic crates. Then they proceeded to dismantle the furniture and shelving and move the heavy safes from the original offices in readiness for the main move.

The external lifter was set up, and items of furniture were removed from the first floor and placed into waiting vans. The vans were then loaded and delivered to Delamara and unloaded into a storage unit.



The main part of the move was the complete relocation of ElectroGas Malta Ltd offices, which included monitors, desks, chairs, storage units, and all files. Starting from location 1 and using an external lifter, three vans were loaded and delivered to the new office on the 18th floor of the Quad.

This part of the move was particularly challenging as the only access to the office was via an internal service lift, which made the process slow and tedious. But the team at Waters’ White Vans persevered and delivered two more vans during the day.

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The final day of the move was all about delivery and assembly. The team at Waters’ White Vans delivered the remaining office items, reassembled some furniture, and unloaded monitors. They also assisted with placing all the items in situ and delivered the three heavy safes to Delimara.

The success of the move was due in large part to the ongoing communication with the client, the meticulous planning, and the flexibility of the Waters’ White Vans team. The operations manager on the ground made sure the team knew their roles and responsibilities, and the office communicated daily with the client to ensure they were satisfied with the plan and its progress.


At the end of the day, ElectroGas Malta LTD was impressed with the efficiency, professionalism, and dedication of Waters’ White Vans. The move was a success, and Waters’ White Vans proved that they have the expertise, knowledge, man-power, and organisation skills to perform the tasks at hand in a timely, friendly, and professional manner.


Read what the customer had to say about us after the move

    I would like you to pass my gratitude to all the workers involved in this office move. They have proven to be professional, reliable and they really know how to do a great job. I was lucky to have them working with me, as they supported me with all their patience in a never-ending move to two different locations. They have dismantled furniture and assembled in the new location as requested. The new office was available in less then a week.This project was a huge success because of the professionalism shown from Waters White Vans.

    Judith Scerri Valletta

    ElectroGas HR & Administration Officer