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Seamlessly Delivering Suitcases to Cruise Liners: Waters White Vans Takes on a Weekly Challenge


At Waters White Vans, we thrive on delivering exceptional service even in the face of arduous tasks. Recently, we embarked on an exciting venture to transport suitcases onto cruise liners on a weekly basis. Let us share the story of how this opportunity unfolded and highlight the remarkable professionalism, dedication, and efficiency of our team.

Waters' White Vans performing a weekly challenge for Cruise Line Services #3

Building Trust through Last-Minute Deliveries

Our journey began in 2022 when we successfully completed several time-sensitive deliveries for United Travel. Impressed by our reliability, United Travel’s owner, Iain Tonna, approached us for a meeting to explore the possibility of establishing a regular weekly contract. We were thrilled to be considered for such a significant undertaking.

A Meeting of Minds

During our meeting, Mr. Tonna was quick to praise the exceptional qualities of our staff. He commended their professionalism, motivation, and unwavering politeness. With genuine admiration, he shared anecdotes about previous deliveries, highlighting our team’s punctuality, willingness to assist, and polite refusal of any offered help. Our staff exemplified their dedication, emphasizing that it was their job to handle all lifting and carrying tasks, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

Waters White Vans performing a weekly challenge for Cruise Line Services #4
Waters' White Vans performing a weekly challenge for Cruise Line Services #2

A Successful Inaugural Move

On May 11th, the first move under this new contract took place. We were entrusted with transporting suitcases from the renowned Excelsior Hotel to Valletta waterfront, where they were carefully loaded onto the awaiting cruise ship. With precision and efficiency, our team executed the task flawlessly, setting the tone for the upcoming weekly deliveries.

Building Lasting Partnerships

As we embark on this ongoing venture, we are committed to upholding the trust and confidence placed in us by United Travel. Our dedicated team is prepared to handle the demanding nature of delivering suitcases to cruise liners on a regular basis. We understand the importance of timely, efficient, and respectful service to ensure a positive experience for both our clients and their valued customers.

Waters' White Vans performing a weekly challenge for Cruise Line Services


The task of delivering suitcases onto cruise liners on a weekly basis is no small feat, but at Waters White Vans, we embrace challenges and strive for excellence. Our inaugural move was a resounding success, thanks to the professionalism, motivation, and politeness of our remarkable staff. We look forward to continuing this partnership with United Travel, ensuring a seamless and exceptional service that reflects our commitment to delivering beyond expectations.

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