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Marathon Move: Lidion Bank’s Big Day with Waters’ White Vans

Waters White Vans Malta

Waters White Vans Malta

Moving was never so easy!

It was a long-awaited Tuesday, 11th May 2024, when we finally rolled up our sleeves for Lidion Bank’s massive office move—a job Dave had first quoted back in January. Despite a few hiccups with the new office’s refitting causing several postponements, our spirits and plans remained rock-solid.

From the SkyParks in Luqa to Trident Park in Mriehel, our team managed a Herculean effort of 15 van loads across five trips. Each item was meticulously packed, dismantled, and then reassembled at the new location—a full cycle service taking a whopping 13 hours.

Admittedly, we faced a spanner in the works when we realized the client had significantly added to the inventory since the initial quote. A second pre-move visit might have spared us a few surprises, but in true Waters’ White Vans style, the team adapted brilliantly, showing resilience and professionalism.

This move wasn’t just about physical strength or endurance; it was a testament to our team’s commitment to tackle challenges head-on and ensure client satisfaction, no matter the scale of the task.Thinking of moving your office? Trust Waters’ White Vans to handle it—come rain or shine, added challenges or not. We’ve got the muscle, the vans, and the can-do attitude to get it done. Visit Waters’ White Vans to book your hassle-free move today!