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From Disposal to Delight: Our Unexpected Journey with AAA Malta

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Moving was never so easy!

Every day at Waters’ White Vans is a new adventure, but yesterday unfolded a chapter that none of us saw coming. It all began with a routine disposal pick-up, a service we’re renowned for. But this wasn’t just any pick-up; it was the beginning of a heartwarming tale that reaffirms the beauty of unexpected surprises and community spirit.

The Unexpected Discovery:

As we sifted through the items, we stumbled upon a collection of unused and slightly used dog equipment. Large dog cages, baskets, chews, treats, leads, blankets, brushes, wipes, and winter coats – it was a treasure trove of canine essentials. Each item, though destined for disposal, echoed the silent barks and wagging tails of furry friends.

A Pawsome Decision:

We knew these items were too precious to be discarded. So, we arranged for one of our team members to drop them off at AAA Malta, an organization dedicated to the welfare of stray dogs. It was an impromptu decision, sparked by the belief that every item, every gesture, can make a world of difference.

Rosalind’s Gratitude:

The reception was beyond what we had anticipated. Rosalind, the compassionate soul running AAA Malta, was overwhelmed. “This donation was much more than we thought. Thanks truly, truly,” she expressed. Each item was a contribution to the comfort and care of the dogs sheltered at AAA Malta.


At Waters’ White Vans, we’re not just about moving items; we’re about moving hearts, touching lives, and making every journey, every service, a narrative of care and community spirit. This unexpected chapter reaffirms our belief in the beauty of giving, the joy of unexpected surprises, and the silent, yet profound, gratitude of wagging tails and warm, furry embraces.

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