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Moving Art with Heart: Our Journey with Joseph Casapinta

Joseph Casapinta
Waters White Vans Malta

Waters White Vans Malta

Moving was never so easy!

There are moves, and then there are moves that paint a picture of precision, care, and artistry. On the 28th of September 2023, Waters’ White Vans embarked on a colorful journey, assisting the esteemed local artist, Joseph Casapinta, in moving to his new abode.

A Canvas of Challenges:

With hundreds of art pieces, each echoing the soulful strokes of Joseph’s artistry, this wasn’t just a move – it was a ballet of careful coordination and meticulous handling. Every piece of art, every item of furniture, was a verse in a poem of transition.

The Art of Moving:

Our team, armed with specialized lifters and an unwavering commitment to excellence, turned the challenging task into a masterpiece of smooth transitions. Every artwork, every cherished belonging, was handled with the grace of a paintbrush touching canvas.

Joseph’s Ode to Precision:

In the words of the artist himself, “It is a very overwhelming moment to move from a home to another new one. Waters White Vans made it happen with their impeccable service and smooth move! Thank You guys and Joanna Zammit for your patience 😉.”

A Gallery of Grace:


At Waters’ White Vans, every move is a masterpiece, every transition a tale of precision, and every client’s satisfaction a sonnet of our success. Inspired to make your next move a work of art?
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