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Decade of Delivery: Trustly’s Big Move with Waters’ White Vans

Decade of Delivery
Waters White Vans Malta

Waters White Vans Malta

Moving was never so easy!

Can you believe it’s been a decade? Ten years ago, Dave from Waters’ White Vans helped a then-small company, Trustly Payments LTD, settle into their first office. Fast forward to now, and Trustly has blossomed into a titan with over 100 staff in Malta. It was time for a new space, and who better to call than the folks who were there at the start?

From the 21st to the 26th of June 2024, our team undertook a mammoth four-day move from the Tagliaferro building in Sliema to the sleek ST Business Centre on the Gzira seafront. With three vans, a lifter (that decided to take a break on Day 1!), and a crew of 6-7 people, we managed a feat of logistics that would make a chess master proud.

Kicking off at 6 AM each day to dodge the bustling shop openings, the team packed, dismantled, and moved mountains of office gear, showcasing their trademark blend of quick thinking and muscle. Despite the early starts and lifter drama, the move was slick, the client was thrilled, and Waters’ White Vans added another epic chapter to their story.

Here’s to many more years and moves! Need a team that thrives under pressure? Check out Waters’ White Vans at Waters’ White Vans. Let’s make your next move legendary!