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The Four Phases of Praxis: A Moving Masterclass by Waters’ White Vans

Waters White Vans Malta

Waters White Vans Malta

Moving was never so easy!

When James, a senior manager we’d previously impressed with a personal move, recommended Waters’ White Vans (WWV) for a complex project at Orange Point, Birkirkara, we knew we were in for an exciting challenge. The task? A multi-phase move that would test our skills and showcase our capabilities.

Phase 1: Out with the Old

The adventure began at the new office location, Avenue77 in Mriehel, where we cleared out old furniture, making way for new beginnings.

Phase 2: Pack and Wrap

This phase was a marathon of meticulous packing and dismantling. Picture this: over 90 monitors, substantial furniture, countless chairs, all needing care. We used over 100 boxes, plenty of bubble wrap for the monitors, and cling wrap to safeguard the furniture from any mishaps.

Phase 3: The Big Move

All items made their journey from Orange Point to Avenue77. The highlight? Transporting massive Chubb cabinets weighing 400 kg—a feat that required precision and strength. Our team didn’t just move things; they unpacked and set everything up, transforming the new space into a functional office.

Phase 4: Full Circle Clean-Up

Back at Orange Point, we wrapped up by removing all the old furniture that was left behind, ensuring a clean slate for whatever comes next.

Navigating the low ceilings at Avenue77 and strategically placing the lifter and vans at the rear of the complex added layers of complexity, especially when lifting items to the second-floor offices. Four vans and eight dedicated staff members made this look like a walk in the park.

This project was more than just a move—it was a testament to the teamwork, dedication, and expertise of Waters’ White Vans. Each phase showcased our ability to handle the unexpected and deliver flawless results.
Need a team that can handle complex moves with a strategic approach? Look no further than Waters’ White Vans. Ready to plan your move? Visit us at Waters’ White Vans and let’s make it happen!