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From Qormi’s Quiet Charm to Naxxar’s Vibrant Heartbeat: A Moving Tale

Waters White Vans Malta

Waters White Vans Malta

Moving was never so easy!

Six years ago, we had the pleasure of moving a lovely client into her dream home in Qormi, nestled next to the serene Chapel of St. Francis. Fast forward to today, and it was time for another chapter in her life, this time to the lively and bustling Naxxar. What a journey it’s been!

This move wasn’t just any move. It was a carefully orchestrated symphony involving 3 vans, 7 diligent team members, a crane, a lifter, and a full six hours of precision work. Among the treasures to be relocated was an upright piano, each piece echoing memories of music and joy, alongside a collection of cherished furniture.

Naxxar, with its vibrant pulse, promised a fresh start, but not without its challenges. Our destination? A beautiful residence hidden behind a sheltered bus stop, a pedestrian crossing, and embraced by the shade of leafy trees. Add to the mix some strategically placed electricity and communication cables, and you’ve got yourself a logistical puzzle that only Waters’ White Vans could solve.

Employing cranes and lifters, we navigated this complex web with the finesse of a ballet dancer, ensuring every item, from the piano to the last chair, was delivered safely and soundly. The task was formidable, but for our team, it was just another day at the office (or should we say, another day navigating the streets of Malta).

This move was more than a logistical feat; it was a testament to our commitment to go above and beyond for our clients. Six years on, and we’re still moving lives, memories, and futures, one careful step at a time.

Whether you’re moving from the quaint corners of Qormi to the lively lanes of Naxxar or anywhere in between, Waters’ White Vans are here to make your move as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Here’s to new beginnings, seamless transitions, and the joy of setting up a home in a new space!

Ready for your next move? Let’s get moving – because life’s too short for moving woes!

Phase 1 : Qormi

Phase 2 : Naxxar