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A Smooth Sailing Move: From Naxxar to Gozo with Waters’ White Vans

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Waters White Vans Malta

Waters White Vans Malta

Moving was never so easy!


Embarking on a move can be daunting, especially when it involves crossing the sea. Our recent project, helping a client relocate from Naxxar to Gozo, showcases how we make such transitions effortless and stress-free.

Planning the Journey:

  • Our team collaborated closely with the client, planning each detail from packing in Naxxar to unpacking in Gozo.
  • We ensured all logistics were meticulously handled, considering the unique challenges of inter-island moving.

The Moving Day:

  • Blessed with impeccable weather, the day felt more like summer than a typical moving day.
  • The calm sea made the ferry transit smooth, ensuring the safety and security of the client’s belongings.

Expert Handling:

  • Our team skillfully managed every aspect of the move, from careful packing in Naxxar to efficient transportation and unpacking in Gozo.
  • Special attention was given to fragile and valuable items, ensuring they were transported safely.

Client Satisfaction:

  • The client was delighted with the smooth transition, highlighting our punctuality, professionalism, and the care taken with their belongings.


Moving can be a pleasant experience with the right team. Waters’ White Vans turned a potentially stressful move into a serene and efficient journey.