Three Weeks Before

Children? Pets? Arrange childcare for your moving day

Although older children may well want to be involved in your move, you may decide that it will be less stressful for younger children, and for you, if you arrange for them to go to relatives or friends on the moving day itself.

Make arrangements for moving your pets

Moving can be very disruptive for pets so you may want to ask your vet for specialist advice on taking care of your animals to avoid distressing them.

Clear out unwanted belongings

Planning a fresh start in your new home is an ideal time to clear out of any unwanted belongings.

Local charity shops will welcome smaller items such as books, ornaments or clothing. You should also be able to find local furniture recycling charities, Malta Recycle, who will accept items you do not want to take to your new home.

Start emptying your freezer

Remember that your freezer will need to be empty and defrosted before your move so try to use up as much of its contents as you can to avoid unnecessary waste.

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