What defines a light move

Light moves can often be completed in a couple of hours so you have minimum disruption to your day. By light moves, Waters White Vans refers to transporting items that are easy to move, including boxes, suitcases, and bags. 
Waters White Vans can often undertake light moves at short notice.
Light moves with Waters White Vans have a very easy and transparent pricing structure to keep your move as low cost as possible.

Use of a lifter is at our discretion based on the requirements of the job.  We put the health & safety or our employees first and work in line with the Health & Safety laws of Malta,  and the EU.

Kindly note: when using a lifter, we require 4 persons to undertake the job; 2 persons to load the lifter, and 2 persons to unload the lifter at the relevant floor.

We reserve the right to assess all removal jobs and quote on the basis of the required manpower and equipment needed.  We are a professional firm and we put the safety of our staff and clients first, thus we quote on this basis. 

1 van + 2 men for 70 euros. ( to be completed within 90 mins)
Single Item moves (1 x bed or 1 x desk) for € 50.00

Packing materials we sell:
Double skinned boxes 40 cm x 40cm x 60cm.(5.00 euro each. )
Wardrobe boxes (18.00 euro each)
Archive boxes
Bubble wrap .50cm x 1 m (45.00 euro each)
Bubble wrap .50cm x .50cm (32.50 euro each)
Cling film 1m x 50 m (18.00 euro each)
To wrap in cling film individual furniture items 10.00 euro each item. (TV, domestic fridge, sofa, dining table, wardrobe)

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